What Matters

Adele Kenny
ISBN 9781566490795 (hardcover)
Published in September 2011
MSRP $15.00
"These poems are eloquent, candid, straightforward and genuine."
- U.S. Poet Laureate, Robert Pinsky
"In Adele Kenny's finely wrought meditations on grief and loss, she never forgets that she's a maker of poems; in other words, that the poem in its entirety is more important than any one of its utterances, phrasings, or laments. What Matters straddles two of the exigencies of the human condition: diminishment and endurance. It abounds with poems that skillfully earn their sentiments."
- Pulitzer Prize winner, Stephen Dunn
The poems in What Matters are powerful, haunting transcriptions of a realized life. Intimate rather than private, these poems are a lyrical fusion of joy and the tragic as they travel through memory, illness, and survival and lead to a clear-sighted embrace of life as it is. Tinged with edginess, the poems in What Matters are characterized by immediacy and a celebratory expansiveness. Adele Kenny is a wordsmith; her meticulously crafted poems touch the reader with pathos, humor, and hard-won wisdom.