Thurgood Marshall in His Own Words
Edited by Cathy Cambron
A courageous and brilliant lawyer and jurist, Thurgood Marshall won the 1954 Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, ending legal racial segregation in America—a significant step in the continuing struggle of Black Americans for equal treatment in their own country. In 1967, Marshall became the first Black Supreme Court justice, and he continues to inspire us decades after his death.

This accessible collection of Marshall’s own words spans his entire career, from his fearless advocacy with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in the 1940s and 1950s, to his arguments as the first Black solicitor general under LBJ and his Supreme Court opinions and dissents. Introductions to the writings provide historical and legal context.

Transformative Opinions and Dissents of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg--Second Edition
Edited by Cathy Cambron
United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spent a lifetime defying notions about “the way women are.” This collection of her legal briefs, opinions, and dissents—newly updated to include her final days on the Court—illuminates the intellect, humor, and toughness that made “the Notorious R.B.G.” a cultural icon and a profoundly influential jurist. An introduction summarizes her life and legacy, and explanatory notes make these writings more accessible to a nonlegal audience.

“This book is a must-read for any citizen wondering about the where and how of some of the most pertinent laws of our time.” — Amy Miller, Trial News
Harrowing Escapes from the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center
Erik O. Ronningen
Erik Ronningen was on the 71st floor of the North Tower on September 11, 2001 when American Airlines Flight 767 struck the building. After an incredible, even miraculous journey down through the acrid, smoke-filled building lit by occasional fireballs, Erik tried to get to the Security Command Center in the South Tower. Unable to do so, he was the last person to make it out of the South Tower alive.

Here is the story of his harrowing escape interwoven with the accounts of fourteen others who were lucky enough to be able to recount them.
Photographs by Massimo Listri
No opportunity was overlooked to flaunt wealth and status in Italian palazzi. From the Middle Ages these buildings, often family residences, incorporated anything from phantasmagoric ballrooms and theaters, to intimate salons which attracted illuminati and patrons of the arts, who could bask in the work of the most talented and passionate artists and architects of their time.

This gorgeous volume leads us century by century, from the 1300s to 1900, through the palaces of Colonna, Farnese, and Altemps, where, within their secret rooms, the papal throne was disputed throughout the Middle Ages...
An English Heritage Book
Philip Davies
Photography by Derek Kendall
More than 1700 photographs, most of which have been taken specifically for this book, offer panoramic and detailed views of 180 interiors ranging from Harrow School, to the timbered barn at Harmondsworth, to an Art Deco masterpiece, the Daily Express Building at Fleet Street...

Lovers of architecture, and especially lovers of London, will welcome this new tool for exploring the glories of the city.
Philip Davies
An English Heritage Book
Foreword by HRH The Duke of Gloucester

"If the past is a foreign country, this evocative and arresting book documents its capitol city." - Rowan Moore, The Evening Standard

"Here are 360 pages of sustained shock and awe...in pin-sharp clarity." - Marcus Binney, The London Times

"..a magical book about the capital's past." - The (London) Sunday Times

"Each picture contains a novel in this deeply moving, unforgettable book..." - Duncan Fallowell, The Daily Express
World War II and the Looting of Europe's Treasurehouses
Peter Harclerode and Brendan Pittaway
"An important contribution to the effort to reverse the Third Reich's criminal legacy." - Publishers Weekly

"Impressive by the sheer magnitude of its subject and by the close texture of its investigative reporting." - The London Times
The Pioneers of Everest
Edited by Yves de Chazournes
Photographs from the Royal Geographical Society, London

Mountains have left mankind awestruck since the beginning of time, with their beauty, mystery, danger, and spiritual appeal. The most forbidding of these, named after George Everest, who undertook in 1823 to survey the Himalayan mountain chain, has become the dernier cri for anyone adventurous (or crazy) enough to challenge the most inhospitable place on earth (also known as “The Third Pole”), the highest mountain on earth.

Work, Wealth, Poverty & Change 1870-1945
Philip Davies
An English Heritage Book
Foreword by Dan Cruickshank

A spectacular sequel to Philip Davis's Lost London, this lavish landscape-format book reproduces historic photographs commissioned by the London County Council - many of them in the early days of photography - to capture individual buildings and streets that, along with entire neighborhoods, were on the threshold of redevelopment.

Enlarging Lost London's finest photographs reveals a wealth of hidden detail in these historic pictures — long gone street panoramas, often with haunting faces from the forgotten past live again...

Day-by-Day Facsimile Reports
Michael Wilkinson
The complete story of the legendary vessel from design to its building in Harland & Wolf's Belfast shipyard and a detailed chronicle of the catastrophic voyage lavishly illustrated with contemporary photographs, many of them previously unpublished.
Classic, Rare and Unseen
Edited by Tim Hill
A veritable encyclopedia of murder, robbery, assassination, kidnapping and mayhem drawn from the incomparable archive of the Daily Mail, illustrated with previously unseen photographs and newspaper clippings that provide contemporaneous reporting.

More than 900 photographs depict a diabolical cast that includes Richard Hauptmann, John Wayne Gacy, John Gotti, Ian Brady, Myra Hindley, Buster Edwards, Dr. Crippen, Indonesia's Suharto, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, Derek Bentley, Timothy McVeigh, Bonnie & Clyde, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and Al Capone.

Edited by Claudio Razeto
Unless we’re actual combatants, the lens through which we view war is almost always that of the war correspondent, using either images, or words, or both. Here is an oversized volume which portrays in stark, and often horrifying detail how wars were documented over the past two centuries, since the dawn of photography. Graphics, propaganda posters, newspaper headlines, and other ephemera are liberally interspersed, as are seldom seen photos of lesser known wars.