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Everything You Need to Play the Games!
Irving Finkel
Here are four popular board games which were played in the days of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt and in nearby countries from about 5,000 years ago. Everything you need is here – the playing boards in sumptuous colors, playing pieces and full instructions.

SENET, Game of Thirty Squares
MEHEN, The Snake Game
Marine Bramly
Inspired by the life of Artemesia Gentileschi, painter of Judith Decapitating Olophern, Artemesia is the basis of the film Artemesia (Mirimax/Zoe)by Agnes Merlet, which received a Golden Globe nomination as Best Foreign Film.
Presence of an Enigma
Jean-Luc Steinmetz
Translated by Jon Graham

Winner of the 1991 Grand Priz De L'Academie Francaise
A Los Angeles Times Book of the Year

"This biography represents the fruit of a hundred years of Rimbaldian studies. A highly attentive and just biography." - Magazine Litteraire

Pierre Moinot
Translated by Jody Gladding

“Rarely do writers know how, in following patiently the detours and meanderings of a sentence, to say everything there is to say about a sentiment, a setting, or an event. They are, perhaps, the little nephews of Proust. Pierre Moinot is one of them... One cannot resist reciting out loud these supple, undulating phrases... Truly remarkable.” - MAGAZINE LITTÉRAIRE

A Slave to Beauty
David Colvin
Aubrey Vincent Beardsley was the most notorious and outstanding artist of the fin de siecle. His disturbing erotic drawings shocked the sensibilities of the Victorians. Jacques-Emile Blanche's portrait of Beardsley, his face “like a silver hatchet,” is the enduring image of this man, friend and collaborator of Oscar Wilde, who died at age 25.
The Life and Times of Rowan Atkinson
Bruce Dessau
Rowan Atkinson first came to prominence in the classic comedy series Not the Nine O'clock News in the late 1970s. His music hall mannerisms and natural acting ability gave him huge success in his next outing as the dastardly Blackadder, one of the most popular comedy series ever produced. In the 1980s he created, with Richard Curtis – who went on to write Four Weddings and a Funeral – Mr. Bean. Mr Bean is now a major international success, shown all over the world.
A Novel
Tony Anthony
“Beneath Buddha's Eyes is a moving and exciting tale of life and survival, and a human portrait that goes far beneath the politics and pretensions of the tragic conflict in Vietnam. A beautiful gift to the reader by a writer who has the eyes of a painter.” - Tracy Sugarman, author of My War: A Love Story in Letters and Drawings from World War II

John James Audubon
In his magisterial Fine Bird Books, Sir Sacheverell Sitwell says of Audubon: "There is nothing in the world of fine books quite like the first discovery of Audubon. The giant energy of the man, his power of achievement and accomplishment, give to him something of the epical force of a Walt Whitman or a Herman Melville - Audubon is the greatest of bird painters; he belongs to American history."
A History Through its People
Jim Haskins
“This is much more than a survey of styles and personalities. A study of the music of an oppressed and segregated people must necessarily be a study of that experience. James Haskins vividly conveys the inseparable bond between black life in a predominantly white society and the music that results.” - Publishers Weekly
In this exciting and lavishly illustrated new guide, Damien Noonan explores the many and varied historic sites to be found the Emerald Isle. A chapter is devoted to each of the seven tourist regions of the Irish Republic: Southeast, Northeast, Shannon, West, Northwest, Midalds, East and Dublin; with another chapter focusing on Northern Ireland. 150 main sites are described in detail, with another 150 sites receiving brief mentions. They range from the chambered tombs of Newgrange and Carrokeel and the monastic sites of Clonmacnois and Glendalough, to the great abbeys of Moyne and Athassel to the Clara Castle and the great Norma stronghold at Trim.

This lavishly illustrated guide describes in detail every castle in Scotland, from the grandeur of Stirling Castle to medieval tower house and the primitive brochs of the Highlands. Organized by region, which makes it ideal for use by visitors whether they are based in one place or touring, the guide includes maps of the regions, and detailed directions for finding each site. Each listing provides a history of the site, highlighting features of particular interest, and full details are given about access, facilities, opening times and admission prices.
One Hundred Clever Things We Take for Granted Which Have Cahnged Our Lives Over the Last One Hundred Years
David Hillman and David Gibbs
We are familiar with the great 20th-century phenomena that have changed our world out of all recognition – airplanes and nuclear power, television and computers, spaceflight and the Internet. But what about all those other clever things of humbler origin that have also made our lives so different from those of our ancestors – the paperclip, the ballpoint pen, nylon stockings, the traffic light – not forgetting the bra...
Melissa Richards
Researched and produced with the full cooperation and help of Chanel in Paris, Chanel: Key Collections is a stunning tribute to the glory and vision of the flagship of haute couture, filled with stunning color and b&w illustrations, from reproductions of the earliest Chanel designs to photographs of celebrities and supermodels such as Karl Lagerfeld, Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss, and Marilyn Monroe.

Mary Shelley
Muriel Spark
“Muriel Spark's imagination allows her so convincingly to inhabit Mary Shelley's time, place and temperament that it seems as if we have bumped over Europe in a badly sprung coach and awoken terrified, to see a monster of our own creation.” - Jeanette Winterson, The New York Times
“Crisply excellent... A book neatly divided between biography and literary criticism.” - London Review of Books
Foreword by Hugh Trevor-Roper

Over 125,000 words of the original chroniclers, translated into modern English, tell the riveting story of the English court, while the 113 mini-essays, over 235 color and b&w illustrations, detailed maps, a comprehensive bibliography and index that accompany the chroniclers' tales provide a lively picture of what was happening throughout Europe: music and medicine, Chaucer and Boccaccio, Marco Polo and Genghis Khan, the first House of Commons, the last Crusade, and much more.

Eye-Witness Accounts of the Wars Between Christianity and Islam
Elizabeth Hallam
In 1095, Pope Urban II released an avalanche of princes, knights and followers who, with shouts of "God wills", descended on the Arab world, itself the heir to an ancient and sophisticated civilization.Five hundred years of conflict were to follow; Chronicles of the Crusades recreates the glorious victories and gruesome defeats on both sides, through eye-witness accounts of the traumatic clashes between two opposing faiths.
Linking text and essays are written by a team of leading authorities and, with lavish illustrations, provide insight into the social, political and artistic background of one of the most enthralling and extraordinary eras in world history.
Brigitte Aubert
“Strange, suspenseful... this canny novel, which takes its knowing air from David L. Koral's translation from the French, evokes suffocating feelings of dread for its appealing protagonistwho has not let her infirmities dim her intelligence or her sardonic sense of humor." - The New York Times

“This first person mystery is not only chilling, it is – incredibly – amusing. Elise is an engaging heroine with a remarkable sense of humor about her physical and mental state. There are plenty of twists and turns in this crisply translated story, and readers, far from feeling sorry for Elise, will find themselves cheering on this gutsy woman as she uses her remarkable intellect to keep herself out of danger and bring the murderer to justice.” - Otto Penzler

“(A) dazzling whodunit”- PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, starred review

Brigitte Aubert
Winner of the Grand Prix de Litterature Policiere

Translated by David Koral

“In centering her thriller around a main character who is not only a quadriplegic but blind and mute as well, French author Aubert sets herself a difficult task, but she acquits herself brilliantly... Elise's astute thoughts, together with the crisp dialogue of the people she encounters and her keen and often humorous commentary on their one-sided conversations, fuels this dazzling whodunit..." - Publishers Weekly, starred review
The Long Night of Chet Baker
James Gavin
“Almost unbearably vivid... James Gavin has brought us as close as life to his subject.” - David Hajdu, The New York Times Book Review

“A landmark in entertainment biography” - Tony Gieske, Hollywood Reporter

“Superb... unerring... a stark, troubling portrait of both the artist and his times.” - Publishers Weekly

“Savagely honest... impeccably researched, elegantly written.” - Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle
The Life of an American Poet
James Atlas
“Delmore was close friend for twenty years and I thought I knew him fairly well until I read James Atlas. This is a distinguished critical biography, brilliantly evaluating Delmore's oeuvre and sensibly relating it to his life.” - Dwight MacDonald

“Clear, precise, graceful... (Atlas') biographical style makes the book read with the pleasure of a good novel.” - Leonard Michaels, The New York Times Book Review

“(An) intelligent and sensitive biography.” - The New Yorker
A Tribute
Tom Corby
On hearing of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, there was an emotional outpouring of grief from millions across the world, but the love and regard ordinary people had for 'The People's Princess' was never in doubt. Diana was many things to many people – tireless charity worker, style icon, loving mother to her two sons – and in Diana, Princess of Wales: A Tribute Tim Graham shows the many facets of her personality in a heartfelt acknowledgment of a remarkable woman.
The Life and Art of Lord Buckley
Oliver Trager
"The most sensational comic of our time." - Frank Sinatra

"(Buckley was) the only man who could make me laugh." - Al Capone

"The be-boppingist biography!" - Booklist

"Certain to be embraced by both longtime Buckley buffs and newcomers to His Lordship." - Publishers Weekly

The World of Justice Thurgood Marshall
Carl T. Rowan
“A must for anyone with an interest in the Civil Rights movement and the Supreme Court.”
- Warren E. Burger, former Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court

“Rowan is thoroughly convincing because he has 'lived' whereof he writes. Every American should read Dream Makers, Dream Breakers to understand our nation's long march to equality for all. We have miles to go. The only pity is that this book ends.” - Bernard Shaw

Tasmin Blanchard
Photographs by Tim Graham.

Diana, Princess of Wales was the most photographed woman in the world. Everything she wore – her dresses, handbags, hats, jewelery, to her shoes – was scrutinized and commented on. Dressing Diana captures the vibrancy of Diana from her introduction to the world as a young fairy princess to her becoming an icon of style.
Alexander Chee
A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year

“Edinburgh has the force of a dream and the heft of a life. And Alexander Chee is a brilliant new writer.” - Annie Dillard

“Alexander Chee gets my vote for the best new novelist I've read in some time. Edinburgh is moody, dramatic – and pure.” - Edmund White

“A coming-of-age novel in the grand Romantic tradition, where passions run high, Cupid stalks Psyche, and love shares the dance floor with death... A lovely, nuanced, never predictable portrait of a creative soul in the throes of becoming.” - The Washington Post Book World
Edited by Lisa St. Aubin de Teran
Featuring writings by: Dante Aligheri, Edith Wharton, Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Dickens, Mary McCarthy, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Primo Levi, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Truman Capote, John Keats, and many more...

“Through St. Aubin de Teran's carefully selected extracts, the reader gains insight into why 'this stilettoed boot, set in two seas, seems to have walked across more hearts than any other country.'”
- Amazon UK
The Life and Times
Neville Williams
Elizabeth I's reign is remembered as one of the most glorious of English history; she left behind her a truly united nation, and the legend of a golden age. Edited, and with an introduction by Antonia Fraser.
Notes of a Word-Watcher
Lewis Thomas
“Lewis Thomas is a gifted writer with wit, imagination and a bold encouraging vision.” - Time Magazine
“One of the best writers of short essays in English.” - Newsweek

40 brief essays on words that “enchanted and obsessed” Lewis Thomas, author of Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Mahler's Ninth Symphony among other works.
A Novel
Jill Dawson
"A brilliantly fresh, provocative, exquisitely written re-working of documentary events. Dawson has discovered a female language that picks up where Jean Rhys left off. A woman's novel in the best sense of the world." - Whitbread Jury

"Dawson has brilliantly got under the skin of her main character. Her polished prose is consistently stylish and her descriptions of the sexual act, from a woman's viewpoint, are both lyrical and sublime." - The Daily Mail

The Complete Illustrated Atlas of the World
Edited by Phililla Sandall
"The ultimate world reference." - The Bookseller

Compiled and produced by over three dozen editorial and research staff members at Random House Australia, with articles from hundreds of contributors, Geographica is a unique, highly accessible reference book whose organization and writing reflect the goal of its creators: to offer the reader “a journey into the past and an appreciation of the present as it has evolved.”

Miri Yu
"Gold Rush reads a little like a Nipponized version of Bret Easton Ellis cause macabre American Psycho, with a healthy cut of Murakami sprinkled in. Bracingly and clinically realist." - Time Magazine

"One thing Miss Yu can do is write. She is simultaneously a social outcast and a literary star, a dark, brooding presence on the bookshelves. A creative genius." - The New York Times
Guillermo Cabrera Infante
Translated by the Author

"It now seems utterly extraordinary that anyone can write brilliant prose in more than one language; we marvel at a Nabokov, a Beckett, a Cabrera Infante." - Susan Sontag

"An enduringly original literary presence, unquestionably Cuba's most important living writer."
- Alistair Reed, The New York Review of Books

Winner of the Guardian Fiction Award

"I don't believe this country has a better writer to offer than James Buchan." - Michael Hofmann, London Review of Books

"The toughest-minded and most romantic genre-transcending thriller in more than a generation."
- Ron Rosenbaum, New York Observer

The Life and Times
Robert Lacey
A brilliantly written and generously illustrated addition to the "Life and Times" series, which includes Elizabeth I, Richard III and Victoria; edited, and with an introduction by Antonia Fraser.
Eric Orsenna and Thierry Arnoult
“A variation in nine movements on the guitar through the ages, from ancient Egypt to Jimi Hendrix, with Eric Clapton as the guide... A brief journey through the human adventure... An elegant, solemn tale.” - Le Monde

“Intoxicating!” Lire Magazine

“A terrific, swinging story.” Le Nouvel Observateur
Thomas E. Mails
When in May of 1993 retired Lutheran pastor and renowned writer Thomas E. Mails accepted an invitation to visit the Traditionalist village of Hotevilla on the remote Hopi reservation in Arizona, he had little reason to imagine that her would soon be chosen by 100-year-old high priest Dan Evehema to reveal to the outside world the entire range of Hopi prophecy, instructions and warnings - the sum of which make searching for today - a proven way for our endangered world to survive.

The History of Life in Nelson's Navy
Stephen Pope
A stunningly illustrated history of Nelson's Navy using the character of Horatio Hornblower as our guide. Drawing on the resources of the Royal Naval College in Greenwich and the Naval Dockyard Trust at Chatham, Hornblower's Navy shows how a naval warship was built and how it fought during the Anglo-French wars, the bloodiest era in British naval history.
With a Crack in Her Voice
John Miller
“Characteristically thorough and painstaking, and about as close to her secret soul as we shall get in a well-guarded lifetime.” - The Sunday Times (London)

“Compelling reading for anyone intrigued by actors and acting... (Dench) seems 'real,' disarmingly untheatrical, down-to-earth, sensible, ordinary. With barely a look, scarcely a word, she can move others from one contrasting mood to another, like British weather.” - The Christian Science Monitor

“An excellent biography... A welcome explanation of what (Dench) has been doing for 65 years before E! Entertainment Television become aware of her existence.” - American Theatre

Julian Rathbone
“Julian Rathbone's follow-up to the bestselling The Last English King is a hugely enjoyable amble into a most gruesome period in history.” - The Times (London)

England, 1460. The Wars of the Roses are at their terrible and bloody climax, and Lancastrists and Yorkists are busy chopping each other into little pieces. Into this unlikely idyll walk three sophisticated and highly civilized visitors from the empire of Vijayanagara in South India, on a mission to track down the Prince of Vijayanagara's long-lost brother. Through the visitor's eyes the heart of darkness that was England is revealed...

Colin Garratt
For thirty years Colin Garratt has been professionally documenting the last steam locomotives of the world. He has mounted expeditions to some forty countries embracing all continents in a desperate race against time. Little more than 6,000 steam locomotives remain active world-wide – less than one-third of what Britain alone had as recently as the 1950s. The pictures in this book are grouped into themes that reflect the wonder of the world of steam in the twentieth century.
Thurgood Marshall in His Own Words
Edited by Cathy Cambron

Edited by Linda Marsh
A comprehensive anthology of more than 1,800 zany verses organized thematically under twenty-five subject headings, including “Of Maiden Aunts and Virgin Girls,” “Trollops and Tarts,” “Homo-erotica,” and “Satin and Lace,” indexed by name, place, and first line. A truly indispensable addition to every discerning reader's library!

The Lives of the Twelve Caesars by Suteonius (born 69 A.D.), covering the Roman rulers from Julius Caesar to Domitian, remains one of the most enlightening of all Roman histories. As a personal secretary to the Emperor Hadrian, Suetonius had access to the Imperial and Senatorial archives and also gathered much information from eyewitnesses, checking his facts carefully and quoting conflicting evidence with bias.
Numerous integrated black-and-white illustrations that explore Roman life, religion and nature, combined in this edition with Robert Graves's classic translation.
50 Discoveries in World Archaeology
Paul G. Bahn
Selected from every corner of the earth, the fifty great archeological discoveries beautifully illustrated and explored in this fascinating book demonstrate the enormous range of human life on our planet. There are the classic lost cities: Pompeii, Troy, Machu Pichu; but also the less well known – Tanis, Chan-Chan and Biskupin. Towns from Africa, the Far-East, Australia and the New World are all here, as well as the extraordinary cities of the Classical world and the Middle East.
Jules Verne
“In this original version we rediscover Verne's highly personal style, his anguish, his symbolism – everything that reasserts his talent as a writer.” - Olivier Dumas, president of the Jules Verne Society, from the Preface

“By its force, it inventiveness and its twists, this novel written in 1897 takes its place among Jules Verne's most remarkable works.” - La République du Centre

Magellania – which refers to the region around the Strait of Magellan – is the home of Kaw-djer, a man of Western origin whom the indigenous peoples look upon as a god because of his knowledge of medicine and his benevolent nature. A man whose motto is “Neither God nor master...

Muriel Spark
“Rich, complex, enormously exciting... A continually surprising and provocative tale.” - The New York Times

“Reading her work is like savoring a strong cup of tea: it's brisk and refreshing, but also biting.” - The Baltimore Sun

To rendezvous with her archaeologist fiance in Jordan, Barbara Vaughn must first pass through the Mandelbaum gate – which divides strife-torn Jerusalem. A half-Jewish convert to Catholicism, an Englishwoman of strong and stubborn convictions, Barbara will not be dissuaded from her ill-timed pilgrimage – despite a very real threat of bodily harm...

Herod's Fortress and the Zealots' Last Stand
Yigael Yadin
Professor Yigael Yadin excavated the site from 1963 to 1965 in what was the largest archaeological enterprise even undertaken in the Holy Land. What he found confirmed the dramatic story recounted by Josephus almost two thousand years ago.

“Yigael Yadin's great book... whose splendor matches that of the achievements which it records and that of the heroism it commemorates.” TLS

A Life
Benjamin Ivry
Maurice Ravel: A Life is the first convincing attempt to paint a portrait of the life and work of the hitherto enigmatic composer of Bolero, Piano Concerto for the Left Hand and L'enfant et Les Sortilèges.

“Excellent... (Ivry's) point of departure, stressing Ravel's sexuality and its manifestations in his creative life, adds a fresh dimension to the literature on the composer.” - Arbie Orenstein, Aaron Copland School of Music
Europe 1100-1350
Frederick Heer
“Friedrich Heer's The Medieval World is learned, very wide in scope, and exciting in its boldness. Not a narrative but a survey of the main elements of the life and culture of the high Middle Ages, its describes its varied scene with a richness no narrative could attain.” - Anthony Quinton
Jesse L. Jackson, Jr.
In this new work, Representative Jackson provides ample documentation and insightful analysis of the inextricable link between race and economics. More important, Jackson proposes a radical economic strategy and program of new human rights that would build “A More Perfect Union” for all Americans, make every American more economically secure and, hopefully, in a better position to come to grips with this enduring American legacy.

Most Wise and Valiant Ladies presents the lives of six outstanding medieval women: Joan of Arc,
Eleanor of Aquitaine, Margery Kempe, Hildegard of Bingen, Christine de Pisan, and Magaret Paston; beautifully complemented by contemporary illustrations and manuscripts.
Marjory Bassett
“The heroine races from the Kansas plains to the big city and the great world; and races out of adversity to a full life, taking some giddy turns along the way. Marjory Bassett's lovely novel forces the pace for the reader, and for a brave, clear, surprising girl who deserves every bit of the good time that come comes to her. I read it without putting it down.” - Shirley Hazzard, author of The Transit of Venus and Greene on Capri
An Exquisite Life
Stephen Calloway and David Colvin
Oscar Wilde was without question the central literary figure of the fin de siecle, and, in his own words, 'a man who stood in symbolic relation to his times.'. Celebrated first as a poet and writer of brilliant essays and charming fables, he was also a perceptive critic and an incisive moral and political thinker. Today, however, his fame rests mainly on his novel of artistic decadence, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and the ever-popular play, The Importance of Being Earnest. From his first notoriety in the 1880s when he carried the message of the aesthetic movement of America, and through to the height of his fame as a wit and raconteur in the dizzy social whirl of London in the early 1890s, he had the world at his feet. But then it all went tragically wrong...
The Autobiography of Ravi Shankar
Ravi Shankar
Edited and Introduced by George Harrison

"Shankar, a sitar player known as the godfather of world music for his role in opening Western ears to sounds from the East, gives an honest, in-depth look at his life and work in this prodigious autobiography. Like a fine musical composition, Shankar beautifully narrates his life's milestones..." - Publishers Weekly

“Unpretentious and spiritually illuminating as Shankar's music.” - Kirkus Reviews

“Breathtaking... beautifully designed, copiously illustrated... tells Shankar's story well in the artist's own, often spiritual words.” - Billboard
John Bayley
“Compellingly readable... The light, elegant flow of the prose, with its sudden incursions of unexpected violence, is mesmerizing, and the reader is never in doubt that a master stylish, albeit a devious one, is at the controls.” - Publishers Weekly

“Bayley's characters are distinctly subtle, constructed from qualifications and convolutions, and propelled by the rapidity of their thoughts. Their voices are held together by Bayley's... style, at once genial, clear, and buoyant.” - TLS

“All the characters... give us the feeling that they are simply there for their own sakes, and being allowed by their author to be themselves.” - A.N. Wilson

“This is a sophisticated riddle of a book – sly, delectable, and utterly satisfying.” - Booklist, starred review

Life and Times
Anthony Cheetham
Comparatively little is known about the last of the Plantagenets, whose story is told here amidst copious illustration. The Life and Times series is edited, with introductions by Lady Antonia Fraser.
Francois Cheng
Translated by Julia Shirek Smith

Winner of the 1998 Prix Femina

"Superb...Lyric and philosophical, intimate and grand, The River Below has both an epic reach and a Taoist serenity." - The New York Times

A Life
Ian Mcintyre
Robert Burns (1759-96), is still widely considered Scotland's greatest poet and song-writer. His first poetry collection, Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, a remarkable mixture of first-rate Scots poems, songs, verse letters, and poems in English, enjoyed an immediate and overwhelming success that would endure through the centuries.
Kris Parker (KRS-ONE)
“Without question Ruminations is powerful, intelligent, insightful, and profound. Regardless of whether or not you agree with KRS-ONE's analysis, you must certainly appreciate that there is a profound mind at work, and a definitive spirit that is searching to discover what is right and exact... For me, this book represents one bold, blue spark for this generation.”
-from the Forword by Tavis Smiley

“Hiphop's primary culture-keeper... Brilliant, thought-provoking, humorous and contradicting... When it comes to this strange animal called Hiphop, KRS-ONE remains its most trusted guardian, preserver and spokesman.” - Black Beat

Ruminations includes a full-length audio CD featuring a selection of KRS-ONE's lectures and spoken-word poetry, introduced by Dr. Cornel West.

Edited by Kevin McAuliffe
Introduction by Malachy McCourt

“Freedom does not mean people can do anything they want, be anything they can be. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do and how you do it.” - Rudy Giuliani, New York Post Forum, 3/20/94

Photographs by Patrick McMullan
An album of photographs from the 2000 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Cannes, France.

"I don't usually feel very comfortable when people are taking my picture, but I feel more relaxed when I see Patrick backstage at a show or at a party. I feel I have a friend there, and it's OK." Stephanie Seymour

“If you don’t know Patrick McMullan you need to get out more!” Andy Warhol, 1985

“Patrick is the only photographer who can down 5 tequila, party with us, and still take a great photo - in focus no less!” Sean “Puffy” Combs
The Story of a Hero's Triumph
Rachel Murrell
This is the official tie-in to the award-winning, widely praised 14-part television series based on the Sharpe novels of Bernard Cornwell. When aired in the UK, each segment drew an audience in excess of 10 million viewers.
“This is spectacular stuff, with more extras than Gandhi, and production values that ooze period detail and are always imaginative... grippingly watchable.” TIME OUT
Words of Wisdom from The Sopranos
David Chase
Edited by John Weber and Chuck Kim

Tony Soprano is a Mafia boss in New Jersey with two families--his wife and kids on one hand, his Mob family on the other--and he walks a fine line between the two. Time-honored traditions such as loyalty
and duty coexist with illegal operations and violent crimes. The wife and children occupy the place of honor., but goomars (mistresses) also have their place. Tony is pushed and pulled from all sides--no wonder he needs to see a shrink.

There is a parallel to be found between the universe of Tony Soprano and the world of the ancient Chinese philosophy known as Taoism: the challenge of a man navigating through a life filled with contradiction and paradox. Loosely arranged according to the principles found in the Tao Te Ching...
A Journey in the Footsteps of Ibn Battuah
Tim Mackintosh-Smith
Winner of the Thomas Cook/ Daily Telegraph Travel Book Award

"A learned, smartly observant, and very readable account...What is apparent throughout is that (this) book comes from a deep love of Ibn Battutah and of the Arab-Muslim world in which (Mackintosh-Smith) has spent most of his adulthood." - The New Republic

"Mackintosh-Smith seems incapable of writing a dull sentence, and in him the scholar, the linguist and the storyteller swap hats with marvelous speed." - The New York Times

"a very civilized book..." - Geoffrey Moorhouse, The New York Times
In China, where Tui Na for children was established as a specialty as early as 500 B.C., child massage is available in all hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine, where it is used for the treatment of common childhood ailments. Now increasing awareness of Tui Na's benefits is reaching the West.

Tui Na Massage for a Healthier, Brighter Child combines explicit instructions and full-color photography to demonstrate treatment routines for ailments such as colds, coughs, night crying, restlessness, colic, and teething...
The Life and Times
Dorothy Marshall
Victoria reigned longer than any other British monarch, and while she was on the throne, Britain became the most powerful industrial nation in the world. Antonia Fraser is the general editor for the Life and Times series, and introduces each book.
"Feisty and crystal clear, this controversial work will appeal to readers of both sexes."
- Publishers Weekly

“If you want to have raging love relationships, this book will show you how!” - Mark Victor Hansen, editor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

“This is a must-read for men and women who love each other, hate each other, or simply co-exist. You will learn as much about yourself and how to improve your relationship as you will about the opposite sex.” - Denis Waitley, bestselling author of The Psychology of Winning

A Kansas City Star Best Book of the Year

"A work of startling observation...a mesmerizing tale." - The Baltimore Sun

"The voice of Vivian Leigh commands immediate attention. As she narrates the events of the year she turned 10, she brings into sharp focus the inherent contradictions in a world that she thought she was beginning to understand...Her crystal clear voice echoes all the hope and innocence of the young." - New Orleans Times-Picayune