Military History

Day by Day - The Headlines as They Were Made
Edited by James Alexander and Maureen Hill
Never in the history of war to this point had a civilian population been subject to such unrelieved terror, though Britain and her Allies would give as good as they got - and more: Germany paid a terrible price for its aggression.
Classic, Rare and Unseen
Edited by Maureen Hill
More than 800 painstakingly restored photographs from the archives of The Daily Mail, giving a fascinating insight into a time when Britain faced the biggest threat in its history and stood alone against implacable enemies.
1914 to the Present Day
Edited by Duncan Hill
Beginning with World War I (the war to end all wars), the Chronicle presents a history of modern military conflict including contemporaneous reporting and more than 900 photographs drawn from the archive of Associated Newspapers.
Included are the Russian Revolution, Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Wars of Independence, the Spanish Civil War, World War II, the Chinese Civil War, Korea, Algeria, Vietnam, Armenian Genocide, Turkish War of Independence, Japanese invasion of Manchuria, Changkufeng Incident, Greek Civil War, Mau Mau insurgency, Cuban Revolution, Biafra, Rhodesia, Falklands, Granada, the Gulf War, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, East Timor and Darfur among others.

1000 Classic, Rare and Unseen Photographs
Eric Good
The Definitive Pictorial Chronicle of World War II charts the greatest event in human history, from the pre-war tensions to the final reckoning; a conflict that claimed the lives of more than 60 million people and defined the political and social landscape of our modern world. Contemporary news reports and over 1500 extraordinary photographs from one of the world’s greatest archives, that of The Daily Mail, evoke the epic scale of the combat.

Pictures tell stories from the theaters of war and battlefields as well as from civilian life, presenting astonishing insight into life during the world’s most devastating military conflict.
D-Day, June 1944 to V-J Day, August 1945
Edited by James Alexander
Road to Victory presents a detailed pictorial history of the last 14 months of the Second World War, capturing scenes of battles in the varied theaters across the globe where the endgame played out.
Edited by Claudio Razeto
Unless we’re actual combatants, the lens through which we view war is almost always that of the war correspondent, using either images, or words, or both. Here is an oversized volume which portrays in stark, and often horrifying detail how wars were documented over the past two centuries, since the dawn of photography. Graphics, propaganda posters, newspaper headlines, and other ephemera are liberally interspersed, as are seldom seen photos of lesser known wars.
Edited by Duncan Hill
World at War: 1914-39 uses contemporaneous reports and photographs from the famed Daily Mail archives, including many eyewitness accounts, to dramatize the conflicts as they developed, including the key battles, tactical decisions, and turning points that ended the devastation.
World at War: 1945 to the Present Day scrutinizes the conflicts of the nuclear age. Contemporaneous reports and photographs, including many eyewitness accounts, offer stark illustrations of how the troubles developed, describing the key battles, tactical decisions, and turning points that have either brought a semblance of peace or persist in continuing hostilities.
Edited by Duncan Hill
World at War: World War Two uses contemporaneous reports and photographs from the Daily Mail archives, including many eyewitness accounts, to show how the conflict developed, describing the key battles, and tactical decisions, and turning points, that led to the unconditional defeat of the Axis Powers.