New York PI Giacomo Berg and missing-persons expert Bonita Boyd desperately search for old friend Peter Proust before he disappears from the face of the earth. Their quest leads deep into the vulnerable underbelly of America, populated by survivalists, untethered hippies, people fearing falling space debris, and chemical plant poisoning. Their tortuous search is mirrored by the meandering relationship between Berg and Boyd as they navigate the swamps, deserts, and mountains of the Southwest.
Tales from the Ming Dynasty
Feng Menglong
Translated by Ted Wang and Chen Chen

"You are about to open a fantastic pop up book of the mind, whose seventeenth-century scholars, clergy, merchants, virgins, and court officials will crowd the room around you. The scents and sounds of their lives, from silk sleeves to the market place hubbub will fill your noses and ears...
"Clever, twisted and ultimately insightful, Jeff Cohen's The Killing of Mindi Quintana upends legality and redefines justice - a dazzling debut novel. Cohen has created one of the most instantly despicable characters in crime fiction." - Burl Barer
Robert Cranny
"There is a real danger in reviewing Robert Cranny's extraordinary first novel that one may do it less than justice...His dialogue is the truest since Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man...This is an astonishing debut." - The Irish Times
Robert Cranny
"Robery Cranny is an artist, a man of beautiful gifts, a poet." - William Goyen

Brooklyn, 1957. The Dodgers are about to move to Los Angeles; and in a largely Irish and Italian neighborhood, residents are just beginning to feel the impact of the arrival of Black and Hispanic families. A powerful, evocative tale of a community swept up in the volitile racial and social tensions of the period.
A Thriller
James Douglas
When Leslie Palmer achieves a top position with the Office of Naval Intelligence based in the World Trade Center in New York City, the brilliant scientist, who is able to read human character by analyzing body language, has a young lover and foresees a good life for her twin sons. Her dreams are fulfilled.But she is suddenly thrown into a nightmare...
Max Phillips
A New York Times Notable Book

"Alma Mahler, the belle of Vienna's Belle Epoque, pulled off an unusual grand slam, cuckolding the composer Gustav Mahler, the architect Walter Gropius, the painter Oskar Kokoschka, and the novelist Franz Werfel...This fictional memoir, narrated with sardonic omniscience after death, captures Alma's wit and scheming with a blend of historical detail and sensuality." - The New Yorker
A Baltimore Sun Best Book of the Year

"Rossi's extraordinary grace and force took my breath away... it sings with lovely ironies without ever being trivially comic. It is bubblingly delightful and yet somehow deeply tragic." - Michael Packenham, Baltimore Sun

J. R. Salamanca
"Written in a polished prose of luminous beauty...Lilith soars above the world of mundane reality and lures its readers into a world of sinister fantasy and haunting unreality. To read this book is to wander down the labyrinthine ways of the insane and to become lost in the dark corridors of madness." - Orville Prescott, The New York Times
J. R. Salamanca
"J.R. Salamanca is a brilliant writer, one of this country's most remarkable stylists. His prose shimmers with light, with the exacting registers of emotion and thought. In That Summer's Trance his subject is betrayal, both of oneself and others, in a culture of material rewards. It is an unforgettable story of one actor outdone by another, and it tells us more about role-playing, and the theater of everyday life, than I would have thought possible." - Charles Baxter
John Wareham
"John Wareham possesses the cool, clear eyes of a seeker of wisdom and truth." - The New York Times

"Stunning--ardent, strange and affecting. An exploration of moral quandaries from John Wareham, whose writing is assured throughout." - Publishers Weekly
And the Secret Intervention to Treat the Alcoholism of George W. Bush
John Wareham
Leadership psychologist Dr. Mark Alter had 72 hours to cure the president from a clandestine addiction to alcohol and change the course of history - or be killed trying.

"A winner. A 'what if' novel wrapped in layers of reality that offers an unnerving case study of alcoholism in the White House." - The Christian Science Monitor